Friday, August 31, 2012

August.....In Pictures.

Enniscrone Co Sligo

Duck racing at The Black Pig Festival Enniscrone

Snaefell mountain. Isle of Man

St John's Mill Wildflower Garden.

The Sound.

Douglas Promenade

Spending Spree in Butler's Choice.  Isle of Man
New Cookery Books.

Holiday Reading

Saturday, August 4, 2012


The only slow thing about this tiramisu is waiting on the coffee to go cold. I made the coffee in the jug and went off to the pictures. When I got home I put desert together and by the time dinner was ready. The tiramisu was all ready to go.

250ml cold strong black coffee
2 tbsp brandy
1egg yoke
250g mascarpone cheese
200ml cream.
1tbsp caster sugar.
1tbsp vanilla extract.
12-15 boudoir biscuits.
Some finely chopped dark chocolate or cocoa powder to finish off

6-8 small glasses or 4 large ones

Add the brandy to the coffee.
Put the egg yoke into a bowl and beat it. Add the sugar, vanilla extract, macarpone and cream and whist until you have a lovely smooth creamy mixture.
Break the boudoir  biscuits into 3 or 4 pieces and dip into the coffee. You want the biscuit to soak up the coffee but not fall apart
Put some biscuit in the end of the glass, add a layer of the cream mixture. another layer of biscuit .
Work in layers until you end with a cream layer.

Place in the fridge.
This is ready to eat in an hour or will keep for 24 hours.

Sprinkle with chocolate or cocoa powder before serving.

Note : If you don't want to give children brandy just pour some of the coffee into a separate bowl and work from there. I mark the glass by putting an elastic band around it.