Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holidays...........Part 2

For the second half of our holidays we went to Manchester, Between Donegal and Manchester we managed to cover the likes and dislikes of everyone in the family.

A brillent window display. The tree is made out of pencils.

The Traford Center.

It is another world, compleatly over the top.

I did find Monsoon and I did go on a bender on the sales rail but that is a whole differant rant.

The Transport Museum.

We got to walk under the train. They are fantastic machines.


We always take a train trip, this time we went to York. It was beautiful. It rained a lot so we did not get to see a lot. It is defiantly on the list to go back and have a better look. We would like to walk the walls and have a look at the park. Through the steamed up coffee shop window is not the best way to see it, But they made nice cappuccino

Manchester Art Gallery.

I got to spend a lovely hour here wandering around looking at Turner and Lowery.

The Imperial War Museum North.

There was a very good exhibition on women and war. Sometime I think the world would fall apart if women didn't hold it together. Grant you if women ruled the world there would be less wars.

The flower beds at the tram station.


I can not finish this post without mention the riots in Manchester city centre. We were safely tucked away in the hotel. All we heard was the helicopter and sirens. The hotel put on extra security. The photos were taken the next morning.
What went on no way reflects on the ordinary people of Manchester. They are still the same friendly, warm people. And we will be back to visit again.

The young people of Manchester who turned out to help with the clean up.

Over all we had a great family holiday. I think we managed to keep everyone happy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Weeds Are Taking Over

A flying visit to the allotment this morning before I did any shopping. If we could eat weeds I would have a fantastic crop. All it takes is 2 weeks holiday and they take over. I could not get stuck in to sort it today so I dug up some potatoes, cut some chard and pulled up a couple of carrots. Dinner is sorted.

I will get back later in the week to sort things out. I have a few cauliflower plants I grew from seed that need homes.

Holidays ......Part 1

The 1st week in August we rented a house in Dungloe Co. Donegal. It was in fairgreen holiday cottages and it was great, so much so that when I win the lotto I want to built a copy of the house.

From the outside it looks like a normal rectangle shaped house but the layout inside is brillant.

The hall is huge with the sitting room off to the left. Too the right is a large bed rooom en-suite. All 3 bedrooms are huge and en-suite. In fact the hotpress at the top of the stairs is as big as my bathroom at home.

The kitchen runs the whole lenght of the back of the house. I want this kitchen......Please

Derry City

One of the places we went to see was Derry City. We got to walk the city wall.

Looking down on a community garden.

The Peace Bridge over the river Foyle.

The Dungloe River Walk.

We found the Dungloe river walk. It runs along the back of the village. It was a beautiful spot.

Carrickfinn Beach

One of the many beautiful beaches in Donegal.
I only swim in heated swimming pools. Yes I'm a total wuss.

Daisy at the seaside.
A family footagraph

Glenveagh National Park.

We did the smaller of the nature trails. By the time the mist cleared on the mountains to drive there, there wasn't time for any thing else. Hopefully we will get to go back and do the house and gardens some day.

The view from Dungloe Pier.

Errigal mountain.

This is the first time I have ever seen sea holly growing in the wild.

We had everything this holiday sea, mountains, bog a brilliant mix. I will be the first to admit some of the roads frightened the life out of me. Call me fussy but I like my roads to be wide enough for 2 cars to pass each other, no surface and grass up the middle freaks me out.