Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April on the allotment.

I remembered to bring the camera with me on Monday. I spent most of the day on the allotment. I got the broad beans in, the strawberries planted, the early potatoes earthed up, the raspberry canes in and I managed to move 23 wheelbarrow loads of top soil and compost so all my raised beds are sorted. Thank you to the council for the soil and compost it saved me a fortune that I will be able spend on plants. I hope to get up there again before the week is out to get some cabbages, sprouts and broccoli in they are getting a bit big for the plastic green house. I bought them a few weeks back in Lidl.

The peas and borlotti beans I have started at home are doing well and will have to go in a couple of weeks. I also planted the sweetcorn in pots as they didn't get to ripen last year when I planted them directly.

I might not have been able to move on Monday night but I was very pleased with myself.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Garden in April.

Finally got to take the camera into the garden. We had a great mix of weather sun, wind, thunder and lighting, hail and rain. All the seasons in one day. The garden is looking good.

I have my mini greenhouse up and running. The broad beans and peas are doing very well. There is also purple sprouting broccoli and I am trying purple sprouts. I have cabbage, sprouts and broccoli I bought in Lidl. I also bought strawberry plants. These are all going to the allotment as soon as the council turn on the water.I have been to the allotment a couple of times in the last few weeks but I keep forgetting to bring the camera with me. I have put in a couple of new raised beds and I planted a row of 1st earlie's potatoes. The soil is not great in the middle of the plot so I didn't want to put too much in, in case it doesn't work. I know from last year main crop potatoes will work so most of my crop will be those. The potatoes are good for the soil.
I have been working on sorting out the nettles at the back of the plot and I have been able to reclaim about 3 foot that I can use. I have put extra rhubarb in there.
Once the council turn on the water the strawberries will be going into 1 of the new raised beds and I want to have a go at carrots. They worked well in pots in the back garden so if I use the raised bed like a big pot it should work.
I was also given autumn raspberry canes so they have to go in. I have been given more then I can use so my neighbour in plot 30 is happy to give the rest a home.
I will try to remember to bring the camera next time I go there.