Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Allotment

The picture quality is a fuzzy, camera is acting up.
I spent the morning on the allotment. I planted out some sweet pea and the 1 remaining "yellow bird" squash. I planted up the 4 seeds in the packet. They grew OK. 1 died when I moved them to bigger pots,no. 2 the slugs ate, no 3 got beheaded on the way to the allotment morning this, no 4 is gone into the ground to take his chances. I will not be surprised if I end up putting something else in it's place.

I had to cover the strawberries with net. They are starting to set fruit. The birds would have a field day if the get at them.

The broad beans are in flower so that is a good sign, but the peas are going nowhere fast.
The carrots have started to appare. I must bring the packet of seed with me on my next visit to sow the next row.

The early potatoes are coming on fine and the main crop went in last week.
The cabbage, broccoli and sprouts are being eaten, It's not slugs or the rabbits but they are not looking great. I am trying red sprouts and purple sprouting from seed at home so they can fill in the gaps.

I still have to try and get control of the weeds. I have started to put weed membrane down between the raised beds and I am covering it with bark chippings.

All in all I am getting there.

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