Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Allotment & Garden ......At Last.

With the longer gaps between the showers I have managed to get out to do some work. I got to the allotment over the weekend and finally got the broad beans  and onions into the ground. The broad beans were getting too big to store for much longer and to be honest I was sick to death of looking out my kitchen window at the boxes of onions I planted up in cells on the table.

My poor allotment is in a sorry state, any of the preparation work that was done earlier has gone to waste. The back of the plot where I planned to pit the potatoes and the cabbages etc is way too we to dig and the weeds are going mad. Looking around me I am not the only plot in this mess in fact there is worse. So the plan is just to get on with it and do the best I can.. I have a couple of  slot together raised beds I bought in Aldi so I am thinking of putting them together and using them as giant containers for the potatoes.

If only I could eat weeds and grass.
Grit : My slug control.

Asparagus : This is it's second year.


My little helper. The Bull Finch  He was spending a lot of time looking at himself in the wing mirror

The Garden.

I have finally got all the pots moved back. I gathered them up in October so if it weather got bad they could all be covered with fleece. My Son is finished collage for the Summer and is studying for exams (last one Friday) So between breaks he did the donkey work.

Back at last.  Sweet pea in pots this year.

The big blue pot at the back will be home to tomatoes later.

New Herb patch.

the bright patch is the palegreen and white Euphorbia that had out grown it's spot.

Grass got cut.

Looking tidy

Home to lots more

Surprise pot. Can't remember what is in there.

I also managed to get more seeds sown. I am trying borlotti beans for the last time. I have failed the last 2 years. That is my gardening policy I will give any plant 3 years if I'm not happy it goes.


  1. It's been such a funny year. I never got round to giving the allotment a winter dig, so there's still lots of it which is in a real state, there just hasn't been the weather to get down there, and when it was fine at the weekend, I had other commitments, typical. I'm sure everything will come together in the end. Your little helper is a chaffinch. He's so cute perching on your wing mirror like that.

    1. Hi Jo

      Thanks, I get my finches mixed up.
      Everyone is in the same boat with the digging. We just have to do the best we can.

      Have a good weekend.

  2. Aaghh! This is the second productive gardening post I have read tonight! I must get out there! I don't have a thing done. I did weed the raised beds at the weekend and the Chickens loved eating tons of worms! They do enjoy a juicy worm but I was worried they would not leave enough in the soil! :) x

    1. Hi Lucy.

      As long as the soil is good. you will always have worms. I don't mean you personally :)

      Have a good weekend.

  3. Now I know the name for those birds! I haven't set foot on my allotment yet! If I have the time to go - it rains, if it stops raining - I have no time! I would just like a whole weekend without any rain so that I can cut the grass and get to the allotment.

    You seem to be very organised.

    1. Hi Jennifer.

      Not really, just good at making it look like I am.

      Have a good weekend.