Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reclaiming My Allotment.

With  flooding last October  and a bad back in February. Then we moved on to the so called Summer. I'm afraid my allotment got out of hand. I can't complain everyone is in the some position.


Things got off to a fairly good start. The garlic was coming on. We had more purple sprouting broccoli then we knew what to do with We were still using the chard.. Even the cutting patch was doing OK. I was waiting on the back of the plot to dry out so I could put in potatoes.

I did get 2 rows of early potatoes into the ground in a dry patch about half way up the plot.

 The yield was not great up they tasted great when I dug them up at the start of July.

By May things were moving forward slowly. The broad beans and the onions were in.


The weeds were  under control. The back of the plot was still to wet to do anything with.

Fast Forward to June.

My allotment is in there somewhere. In some parts the grass is up to my waist.

 It took 2 day to cut through the grass and I had to leave a small patch to allow the field mice to move out. Yes I know they are small but I'm still a coward.

 The raised bed were cleared ready to start again.

Not a great photo but I put some borlotti beans a few kohl rabi and a few Pak Choi into the raised bed. I put some perpetual spinach into another bed. Which is doing great All thanks to Little Black Fox who sent me seeds in her give away.  Here

I have failed the last few years to get anywhere with the bolitti beans and I'm new to pak Choi and kohl rabi. I decided to put them into the ground, at least there they might have a fighting chance but at home the plants were been wiped out by the slugs.

 I know the leeks are tiny but they were starting to go yellow in the  cells

At this moment in time it is doing OK. I feel like I'm just about ticking over. I'm planning on working on the raised beds at the front and just keeping the grass at the back under control. It has crossed my mind to put in weedkiller at the back because I have holidays coming up and I'm afraid I will be back to where I started again.

 I dug up the garlic on Monday. All I have to do now is find somewhere to dry it.

This is my complete broad bean crop. The black fly thought they were lovely.

There was no sign of any of the dahlias so I dug over the bed they where in and all 6 tubers have rotted. 2 where down to dust. I think I will give the bed a good dig and see about putting something else in there for this year.
I have a couple of Brussels sprouts plants that need a home, and I found last years seeds for purple sprouting broccoli and some cauliflower which I planted and the seedlings are coming on nicely.

 The gooseberry crop is up on last year. This time there was enough to make a sauce to pour over ice cream.

All in all things could be worse. At least my allotment is a hobby and not my lively hood and things will get better.


  1. I love the title of this post and what a great little allotment you have. I need to get out and reclaim my raised beds that are besieged with Nettles! Youch they are nasty critters to get out and they have been allowed to get big and mean! My Peas are wrapped tightly around them! :) x

  2. I hate nettles. I go after them with long sleeves and gloves and they still get me.