Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Garden in April.

Finally got to take the camera into the garden. We had a great mix of weather sun, wind, thunder and lighting, hail and rain. All the seasons in one day. The garden is looking good.

I have my mini greenhouse up and running. The broad beans and peas are doing very well. There is also purple sprouting broccoli and I am trying purple sprouts. I have cabbage, sprouts and broccoli I bought in Lidl. I also bought strawberry plants. These are all going to the allotment as soon as the council turn on the water.I have been to the allotment a couple of times in the last few weeks but I keep forgetting to bring the camera with me. I have put in a couple of new raised beds and I planted a row of 1st earlie's potatoes. The soil is not great in the middle of the plot so I didn't want to put too much in, in case it doesn't work. I know from last year main crop potatoes will work so most of my crop will be those. The potatoes are good for the soil.
I have been working on sorting out the nettles at the back of the plot and I have been able to reclaim about 3 foot that I can use. I have put extra rhubarb in there.
Once the council turn on the water the strawberries will be going into 1 of the new raised beds and I want to have a go at carrots. They worked well in pots in the back garden so if I use the raised bed like a big pot it should work.
I was also given autumn raspberry canes so they have to go in. I have been given more then I can use so my neighbour in plot 30 is happy to give the rest a home.
I will try to remember to bring the camera next time I go there.

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  1. Hello found your blog via Through the keyhole! I am trying not to salivate over the lovely food recipes (on the slimming world diet at the mo 8 lbs to go now!)but have enjoyed reading about the garden and allotment.I only have a small garden but managed last year to grow quite a bit of veg and it was very satisfying.