Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holidays...........Part 2

For the second half of our holidays we went to Manchester, Between Donegal and Manchester we managed to cover the likes and dislikes of everyone in the family.

A brillent window display. The tree is made out of pencils.

The Traford Center.

It is another world, compleatly over the top.

I did find Monsoon and I did go on a bender on the sales rail but that is a whole differant rant.

The Transport Museum.

We got to walk under the train. They are fantastic machines.


We always take a train trip, this time we went to York. It was beautiful. It rained a lot so we did not get to see a lot. It is defiantly on the list to go back and have a better look. We would like to walk the walls and have a look at the park. Through the steamed up coffee shop window is not the best way to see it, But they made nice cappuccino

Manchester Art Gallery.

I got to spend a lovely hour here wandering around looking at Turner and Lowery.

The Imperial War Museum North.

There was a very good exhibition on women and war. Sometime I think the world would fall apart if women didn't hold it together. Grant you if women ruled the world there would be less wars.

The flower beds at the tram station.


I can not finish this post without mention the riots in Manchester city centre. We were safely tucked away in the hotel. All we heard was the helicopter and sirens. The hotel put on extra security. The photos were taken the next morning.
What went on no way reflects on the ordinary people of Manchester. They are still the same friendly, warm people. And we will be back to visit again.

The young people of Manchester who turned out to help with the clean up.

Over all we had a great family holiday. I think we managed to keep everyone happy.

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