Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Catch Up

Have been quite busy this month trying to get into some sort of a new routine. Dinner time has moved by about an hour so I find myself getting distracted and then rushing. I am also trying to be more economical with the water. Water charges are coming in here in January. So if I can develop some good habits now it will be easier. The husband has been complaining about the ESB bill so I am trying to be good and do my baking at the same time as cooking dinner.

 I bought some new books
These are the shortbread and marzipan biscuits from The Great British Bake Off book. Think I need to turn down the heat a bit to stop them leaking

 I had a go at making marshmallows. They turned out great. I am not adding the picture of the kitchen covered in icing sugar.


 I have been spending time sorting out the allotment . The weeds took over a bit, well a lot. I think I have it sorted. It looks better than it did. I dug up the last of my potatoes last Friday. It is annoying the hell out of me to have to buy them now. I have been having home grown since June.

Fridays harvest.

The rhubarb for these came from my Mother-in- Laws garden. She was going to throw it out becaues it was not red. It just needed a bit of extra sugar.

Rhubarb and almond loaf

Rhubarb crumble muffins

Lemon Curd from

Dahlia: Elegant  Hughes

Dahlia: Honka Red

Dahlia: Sunset.    


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