Saturday, October 22, 2011

Graffiti Cake

I had a go at the Graffiti cake from Lorraine Pascale programme Home Cooking made Easy. The recipe is on the BBC Food website.
I was pleased with the results. The only liquid food colouring I had was green. I was afraid to stir colour paste into the caramel in case it crystallised.
I need to work on my graffiti I was a bit heavy handed.

I am very pleased with the way it worked out.


  1. It's super, and won't a green cake be perfect for St Patrick's day, you have inspired me!

  2. How fantastic is that! I must try it soon.

  3. It tasted good too. You are right A trifle Rushed it would be a perfect colour for Patrick's day.
    Jennifer. Have a go it is good fun making it, but have plenty of hot water on stand by for the cleaning up.

  4. Wow! I hope I´ll manage it too. I´m quite nervous about making that graffiti dekoration... But as I see it works) Thk U.