Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Putting it to Rest

I spent the day in the garden putting it to rest for the winter. I have gathered my pots in the corner to protect them and if the weather gets bad I can cover them up with fleece.

The herbs have moved into my plastic green house. I know there has been very little frost but I dug up my dahlias and out them in pots. They are in there as well. I lost a lot of them last year so I don't want to take any chances.

I was trying to grow potatoes for Christmas, But the foliage was gone so I dug them up and cooked them for dinner.

Hidden under some of the plants I found 1 lovely carnation with a beautiful smell of cloves. I think I am meant to call them pinks now, but they will always be carnations to me.

 There is still some more work to do,but it will have to wait until after the brown bin collection as I have no where to put the foliage that has to be cut down and there is a mountain of flower pots to be washed.

To go with the potatoes I had a go at the Sesame-crusted chicken from Rachel Allen's  Easy Meals

It is gorgeous. My fussy Son wants to know when I will be making it again.
I had some of the crumb mix left over so I coated some parsnips in it. That was a big hit too.

And yes these are Daffodils They are my all time favourite flower..My Husband found them in the garden center on Saturday. When they are finished they will go outside to join the rest of the daffs

And now for a bit of showing off, Meringue's From Rachel Allen's Bake. It is the first time I managed to make them without them cracking.


  1. It's sad putting the garden to bed for the winter isn't it - I must do mine this week before we get a frost.

    The chicken sounds perfect, I'm always looking for new ways with chicken, we seem to eat so much of it.

    Love the meringues.

  2. Hallo, first time here and I like what I see, gardening and cooking and being proud of a good batch of meringues and happy in the discovery of a little flower in the garden :-). I am now following you because I think that we like similar things, although I live in New Zealand and here it is spring, so gardening is so different now (plus I live in the bush and being Italian I insist on planting veggies that would be better suited to a dry climate...).

    I hope that you will be able to come and virtually visit my garden and kitchen too when you have time, I am mostly here

    (I have other blogs, but the Alessandra Zecchini blog is the one with gardening)


  3. I love the swirls in the meringues - stellar result. i hope to make some in the near future.

  4. Very impressive stuff!

    That chicken looks delicious, and your meringues look better than Rachels!!