Friday, January 6, 2012

The Allotment and Garden in January

 The garlic is doing fine now that I replaced the soil that was washed away.

 The kale and the sprouts are under the net. The pigeons have striped the plants on some of the other plots.
 I'm not growing orange juice.I use the cartons to earth up the leeks. They did better at the front of the plot last year.
Over all it's not too bad. The soil is still very wet and weeds are a bit of a problem but I don't want to spend a lot of money putting in paths as there is talk about the council putting up the fee. I have paid for 2012, but there is a rumour going around that they want to put it up to 300 euro for 1213 and if they do I will have to think very hard about keeping it on.

 Our lovely new road. The other one got washed away when the Camac flooded the allotments in October. It is great to be able to drive up to your plot without fear of the car getting stuck.

The Garden

Rose's in January

 A bit untidy but still colourful.

This is the bed I want to do a revamp to this year. And yes that is a sprouts plant in the the middle of it. I dug it up from the allotment and brought it home before Christmas so on Christmas morning I could go out and pick some for the dinner.


  1. Lovely pics. Growing your own is such fun isn't it?! I only grow a few things in pots but you still get great satisfaction! Your garden looks lovely too xxx

  2. Beautiful roses - I'd love an allotment, apparently I am number 40 on the Council's waiting list, which means I could be waiting for years and years. Great post.

  3. What a super allotment, as the world's worst gardener I full of admiration for you achieving so much. Happy New Year! Judex

  4. I haven't been to the allotment since before Christmas and we've had high winds this week so I'm hoping that everything's ok. It looks like your's is still productive in January, and there's lots of flowers out in your garden too. I don't have much in my garden for winter colour, I really should do something about that.

  5. Hi Kate, Thank you. I love things, some work out some fail but it is good fun trying.

    Hi Jennifer, I waited 3 years to get my plot, but it was worth the wait.

    Hi Jude. Thank you. I crash and burn on a regular bases with my plants but that is half the fun.

    Hi Jo, It's great to be still getting crops at this stage. I have to start planning for the growing season.

  6. I feel guilt ridden as I haven't done a thing about the veg beds and whilst walking today I saw freshly turned soil and now you...hmm, must try MUCH harder! Tee hee. It's a good way to work off all that Christmas indulgence! Lovely helebore too! Happy New Year,

    Sarah -x-

  7. Your allotment and garden look great! Happy New Year!


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  8. Such joy over here...I was thinking about gardening until I looked out the window and saw the white stuff....I know my Heather is in bloom somewhere under that blanket. xox