Sunday, December 5, 2010

1st Week in December

November ended on a high note with a visit to the O2 to see War of the Worlds. It was brilliant.

We have had a lot of snow here in Dublin. We ran the heating to warm the house and the budgie want into molt, so he is now camped out near the rad looking very sorry for himself. I have not taken the car out of the drive-in since last Fridayand will not be doing so until the roads are clear. Any shopping that has to be done was done on foot. Put on the old hiking boots and walked to Lidl. I picked up a lot of vegetables and a cookie press and then spent 2 day getting the hang of it. We ended up with Italian butter cookies and Lemon butter cookies. I think I have the hang of it now. Made a nice Vegetable and bean stew with dumplings and a casserole with seeded scones. Made Pizza dough on Thursday and turned it into Cal zones with roast vegetables. They went down very well with everyone.
On Friday to use up the carton of plums that have being sitting on the worktop I made the upside down plum tart from Rachel Allen's book. It is the first time I have tried making a sponge in the frying pan and putting it in the oven. It worked out very well except for the small spill of the toffee sauce in the oven. That was just the excuse I needed to get in and give the oven a good clean out. The glass door is crystal clear. All the better to see the lovely things cooking in there.
On Saturday I used up the last of the celery to make a pot of soup, celery soup is always a big hit here. Hopefully we will get back to normal some time next week as the shopping list is getting longer and longer. Will have to start planning next weeks menu. Apple sponge is in there somewhere, I don't want to waste the cooking apples in the fridge.

The back garden covered in snow

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