Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Poor Allotment

Made it to my allotment at last. The weather has left it's mark. I lost the sprouts, savoy cabbage, chard and most of the red cabbage. looking around everyone is in the same boat. What wasn't affected by the weather the pigeons got. The weight of the snow brought down the netting and the pigeons had the time of their lives.

I did manage to bring home some leeks and the better of the red cabbage. Hopefully I got enough to make Sarah Ravens red cabbage with apple.

I got my renewal notice for my allotment last Friday morning. The rent is gone up from 40 euro a year to 100 euro. I knew the increase was coming and I was putting money aside, but it still a big jump. I will have to work harder to make it pay for it's self. I enjoy trying to grow stuff to much to give it up.

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