Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Baking

Spent Saturday afternoon in the kitchen. I made the brownie meringue cake from the Great British Book of baking. Looks impressive. I left the hazel nuts out of the meringue topping. I do think the brownie layer was a bit dry. I have tried a lot of brownie recipes and the one I use to make Godfathers is the one I am happiest with. Since I had egg yokes left over I made lemon Butter Cookies. Any excuse to play with my cookie press
I also made Cheddar cheese, sage and onion rolls. The Delia Smith vegetarian sausage roll.
Not a bad a afternoons work.
One other thing I learned this weekend is when you run out of space on the work top don't put hot trays on the mat by the back door. They melt.

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