Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Books and Bulbs

This is the little collection of books I got for Christmas.
I have made a list of the recipes I want to try first. I have also being picking out the vegetables I want to try out on the allotment this year. With the snow I have not been there in weeks. I had planned to go there Christmas week to get some red cabbage and leeks. I did have Brussels sprouts but i didn't think they were going to make Christmas. They didn't look the best, but it would have been nice to maybe get 1 or 2 just to be able to say I grew some of the Christmas dinner. Hopefully next week when things get back to normal and the schools reopen I will be able to get there and see how thing survived.

Amaryllis Red Lion.

I got it as a bulb kit in Aldi before Christmas. I also got happy Memory which has failed totally. Orange Sovereign was planted 2 days ago and is already showing signs of life.

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