Monday, September 24, 2012


Dahlia Darkarin, Striking colour
Bishop of Llandaff

I have no idea of this little ones name. but she has a lot of history.  She is from a garden of a friend in Kildare and she has been saved year after year from her Mothers garden. So by my friends maths she could be about 60 years of ago. A true heritage plant.


  1. Dear Cookie Jar
    Gorgeous fiery colours and beautiful flowers. I need to grow some of these next year.
    Best wishes

  2. These flowers at this time of year can always be relied on to give lots of colour.I think they are so pretty and if you can keep the earwigs from eating them they are relatively easy to grow too!

  3. I love plants with stories attached to them. I was without Dahlias this year, I'll have to make sure I plant some next year, they give such a lovely splash of colour. I forgot to tell you that I made the Toblerone Cookies, they were a hit.